Jottings about Craighindle

New Arrangements During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Since we reopened on 1-Aug-20 we have new arrangements for your safety and that of the folk who prepare for your arrival until the risk from Covid is greatly reduced.  During this time:

 • We will not be providing bed linen, duvets, pillows, towels and dish towels - guests will be required to bring their own.  We will launder the underblankets fresh for each holiday.

 • We will close the cottage for three days after each holiday.

 • We will clean and sanitise the cottage using the recommended cleaning and disinfecting fluids.

 • We will provide sanitising fluid.

 • It is critical that guest respect the arrival and departure times: arriving after 1600 and leaving before 1000.

 • It would be helpful if, when they are leaving, guests left some windows open.  The window keys are on a hook in the corner of the kitchen.


There is space to park two cars on the site.  The short drive from the road up to the house is quite steep, and a little tricky for reversing out.  For this reason we do not allow any kind of trailers - our walls and the neighbours’ have had to be repaired following trailer damage in the past.  Parking on the road or on the neighbours’ properties is not acceptable, and that includes the farmer’s hard standing outside his buildings opposite the cottage.  (Don’t worry, this gets more positive as you read on!)

Central Heating

The central heating and hot water are powered by the air-source heat pump outside the kitchen window.  The main thermostat is on the wall in the corridor and the radiators have thermostat valves.  The Danfoss timer on the kitchen wall is programmed to make the best use of the off-peak electricity, but for more heat press the heating (left hand) '+1 hr' or 'Man' buttons.

Electric Fire

This is switched on and off with the blue ‘BOOST’ button to the left of the fireplace, and also by the switch below.  You can turn it on for periods up to two hours at a time by repeatedly pressing ‘BOOST’.  The controls for the fire itself are on the right hand side of the unit.

Hot Water

The air-source heat pump heats the hot water during the night.  If you need more press the hot water(right hand) '+1 hr' button on the Danfoss controller.  If you need more really quickly you can use the immersion heaters.  These are controlled by the Horstmann controller in the heating cupboard in the kitchen.  Switch  the controller on with the switch on the wall outside the cupboard and press 'BOOST' on the controller.

The shower uses the hot water from the tank in this cupboard.


The system uses a septic tank which we share with the two neighbouring houses to the east.  For this to work properly it is essential that no manufactured items other than toilet paper are flushed down the toilets.  'Wipes', sanitary products and nappies are particularly damaging.


There is a WiFi internet connection.  It’s not lightning-fast but it is quite useable.

TV and Audio

There's a smart TV with a DVD player and several movies to watch.  The TV connects to the WiFi so you can access iPlayer, YouTube  and so on, and browse the internet.  There is a lead from the amplifier below the TV with a 3.5mm jack plug so you can play music from your phone, or audio from the TV headphone socket.

Mobile Phone Signal

I think only Vodaphone gets a mobile phone signal into the house.  You can use WhatsApp on the WiFi.


There is a toolbox in the hall cupboard.

Instructions for Equipment

These are in a lever-arch file in the glass-fronted cabinet in the corner of the dining area.

Rubbish Collection and Recycling

Dumfries and Galloway brought in a new recycling system in autumn 2020.  The leaflets are on the kitchen notice board, as is the collection schedule.  Our collection day is Thursday.  Non-recyclable waste goes in the grey wheelie bin.  Food waste can go into the compost bin so there's no need to bother with the food waste collection.  The food waste caddy is useful for taking kitchen waste to the compost bin.

It gets dark at night!

Craighindle is in the Dark Skies Park – the stars are amazing on clear night.  But you can't see when you go out after dark.  There's a headtorch on the shelf to the left of the kitchen window.

Electricity Supply

The consumer unit is on the wall at the left of the hall cupboard.

Peter and Sandra Warner

- live next door at Moulin – turn left at the bottom of the drive.  They are part of the Craighindle project and will be able to help you with any questions and problems.

Please leave Craighindle clean and tidy and take left-over food away.

Have a great time,

Andy and Jeanne (Phone 01355 241768, 07969 632693)

May 2021